& bring in some fuel for the soul 



Tim is dedicated to unlocking people's potential and getting them centered in their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


- Shifting limiting mindsets to achieve new realistic goals

- Finding a healthy Self relationship to build confidence & positive change

- Providing tools to support Self mastery & truth by living through purpose

- Discovering emotional maturity to anchor into life with clarity and direction.  


“Tim is a man's man who inspires other men not just through his words, but also through the intensity and charisma of his presence. His willingness to speak to themes seldom discussed among men has been a great gift to me.”

FLEMING SCHUTRUMPF, No More Mr. Nice Guy participant



Men's Coach & Mentorships

Shed the soft skin you've been living in and find your uncompromised masculine edge, no tricks or gimmicks just the hard work of getting real with yourself. My coaching sessions will guide you in breaking free from "Nice Guy" strategies so you can get what you want in your relationships, and career!


Active Workshops & Team Building

Let's get uncomfortable & let's get out of our comfort zones, because that is where our legitimate, authentic, growth is hiding! 

These workshops are in constant motion to support the many spectrums of Manhood. From Wim Hoff ice plunges to a boardroom full of executives, there's nowhere we won't go to support your Uncompromising Inner Beast. 


Tantric Bodywork

Tim's tantra experience allows him to guide both men and women looking to deepen their connection with the natural flow of their life force energy. His client success stories reflect his ability to help them move past physical and emotional blocks which allows them to access their creative potential and a much higher level of life satisfaction.


Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to help you reach your wellness goals.

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To inquire about coaching, workshops or bodywork please call, fill in the form above, or email info@timmacdonald.co

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