Tim's crusade of the masculine accelerated after receiving a tantric bodywork session in the Netherlands in 2015 while abroad working as an Oil and Gas expat.

The emotional release and spiritual realization was so profound he immediately joined The New Tantra school attending The Hardcore Men's retreat, and receiving certification for tantric bodywork. 

"This practice has cracked me wide open and put me face to face with my fears, limiting beliefs, and taught me how to love myself. It has reinvigorated my marriage and relationships with my children. I continue to find purpose in supporting others because I have experienced such profound growth from these processes.”

As a football player growing up, Tim felt a missing link in his personal development, it has been through deep tantric practice and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" teachings that he has truly been able to step into his power and create a new form of comradery in his life that provides these transforming imprints within the brotherhood.

Tim believes men are in their deepest truth when following their life's purpose; this state of flow allows us to stand strong in our masculine integrity and provides better, healthier, insights of true vulnerability and authenticity.


As a certified Tantric body worker Tim's life’s purpose is to help people reconnect with themselves and their bodies. We live in a world where we are conditioned to totally disconnect from the neck down. Tantric sessions allow people to reconnect with their bodies, their sexual energy, and become more in tune with themselves. Tantric sessions are invigorating and can create profound emotional releases that foster a greater love and connection to yourself. The path of Tantric bodywork has endless possibilities.