Men's Coach & Mentor


Through No More Mr. Nice Guy teachings, Tim has truly been able to step into his power and create a new form of comradery in his life and provides these transforming imprints within the brotherhood. 

If you feel "held back" in relationships and career it's time to check yourself and see if you've been too much of a "nice guy". This is a strategy consuming men by the millions in society today. Men with this pattern tend to do whatever it takes to make others feel good while compromising their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It can take a hit on polarity in relationships (where a person may be controlled, belittled, or condemned by their partners), and it can also take a hit on careers (when was the last time you asked for vacation, or a raise, or said NO to a task because you are already overwhelmed by duties). 

It's about time for men around the world to stand up for their personal wellbeing. Red flags such as depression, addictions, anxiety, trauma, burn-outs are indicators of emotional suppression. Men today are slowly feeling more comfortable in their manhood by expressing themselves in a clear, and concise manner. NMMNG teachings can redefine how you communicate your needs, stay in your integrity, and find an authentic expression of what a real man looks like, feels like, and lives like.

There are tools and teachings available that can transform your life.


Tim provides support through ongoing NMMNG groups, 1 on 1 coaching sessions (via zoom for out of province/country participants), High Test, Men's Retreats, and Tantric bodywork release.

Active Workshops & Team Building


If you want to grow, it's going to be tough! When we are uncomfortable and acknowledge our fears, we gain substantial understanding of where, and how, to get away from limiting beliefs and roadblocks that we unknowingly set up for ourselves.  

These workshops are very hands on and are constantly evolving to keep each process interesting and engaging. Past workshops have included spending the night in the wilderness in -40C, doing Wim Hof cold plunges into frozen rivers, facilitating group sit sessions where men learn how to communicate effectively with their woman, while some others have even been held in boardrooms, restructuring executive teams to reinvigorate their corporate focus. 

Confronting fears, extinguishing societal conditioning, and building a strong masculine practise is the main objective of these gatherings. Nothing is out of the scope.


Tim provides support through ongoing NMMNG groups, 1 on 1 coaching (Skype available), High Test, Men's Retreats, and physical bodywork release.

Tantric Bodywork


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Bodywork releases stored tensions and emotional energy blocks in the whole body. Allowing you to find a deeper connection to the natural flow of your life force energy. Tantra sessions are invigorating and can create profound emotional releases that foster a greater love and connection to yourself. 

During each session Tim holds a strong and calm masculine presence, allowing you to feel safe and protected so that you may deeply relax and open to his touch to allow your body the perfect platform for transformation. Each session can be accommodated to your comfort level.

Tim is based in Calgary, Alberta and travels frequently offering sessions throughout the Netherlands & across Canada.

"This practice has cracked me wide open putting me face to face with my fears, my limiting beliefs, and has taught me how to love myself. It has reinvigorated my marriage and relationships with my children. I continue to find purpose in supporting others.”

Tim MacDonald